Monday, August 25, 2014

Our return home plans are as follows:
Depart Liberia Monrovia Mission 23rd July. Arrive Salt Lake the evening of 24th July.
Speak in Sacrament: 10th August, 10:50am, Murray Little Cottonwood 8th Ward, 6180 South Glenoaks Street (855 East)
Murray, Utah 84107. We look forward to seeing everyone, but will miss everyone here.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Emmy and Lizzy greet us.
(00:20 AM Friday 25th)

(01:00 AM Friday 25th)
Up for 51 hours, traveling 39 hours

Released by President Rueben
Friday, 4pm 25th July 2014

 All the Grand kids

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Monrovia to Brussels
Have been up for 19 hours, traveling 7 hours

Chicago to Salt Lake
Up now for 47 hours, traveling 35 hours
Flight was delayed 4 hours departing Chicago

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Returning Home

One last time to the airport

Last Stop

Stopped at President Wesseh's house to drop something off.
Bro. Wallace on the right, he leaves on his mission Aug.8th.

The kids come running to have their picture taken

Our friend Ryan Busby an expat who was on the same flight as us

Yet More Goodbyes

It difficult to say goodbye.  Our bodies will be leaving but our hearts ...

President Sayon and Nyanforh

Our day time guards at the compound: Pape and Sunday Boy

The Assistants: Elder Burr and Dahlin

Still Working

Frantically working the day we are leaving.  
Preparing application for branch changes.

Our Apartment

Now that we are packed and have a clean apartment thought we'd take some pictures

More Goodbyes

Our friend Yaw (building contractor) who made us some Ghanain food before we left.

Harbel Branch Presidency.
1st Councilor (Bro. Keonig), Branch President (Pres. Wesseh), 2nd Councilor (Bro. Singbeh), Elders Quorum President (Pres. Wallace), Branch Clerk (Bro. Zorma)

Sister Hezseltine and her good friend Eva

Departing Missionaries

18th July Elder Humphreys heading to Reno.  
Final instructions from Sister Hezseltine

Elder Finau departing to Tonga.  That's a looong flight.

Next it will be us!!!


Our last visit to Kakata 20th July

Branch Presidency and Relief Society President

Kakata Branch President, President Harmon.

I walked just a few yards through the grass and my trouser bottoms were covered in seeds.
The children offered to clean my trousers.  When you get these seeds on your clothes it referred to as "doing your homework" or "having home work to do", i.e. pull the seeds off your clothes.

Kakata Elders: Skouson, Marondera, Khasiahi, Avornu, Seiya, Egbu (Harbel)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hungry Assistants

That's one big bowl of rice and pasta Elders Burr and Dahlin.

After the picture I got a spoon and helped out.

Last Walk on Beach

One of our last morning walks on the beach
Our friend Musa who we see many mornings.  
He works at the bar and restaurant in the background.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lost Pics and Video

Going through my pics and found these.

My beautiful "Eight Cow Wife" for you Johnny Lingo fans.
There were actually eight cows that came by.

On our way to Karza Maher School. 
We travel through bush, rubber trees and palm oil trees.

Kids at Karza Maher
So glad we were called to an English speaking mission.

YSA Summit

The first Young Single Adult Summit (conference) was held at Rick's Institute July 11-12 2014.
Approximately 180 young single adults attended from all the branches in Liberia.

Eleven young single adults and their overnight bags arrived in this vehicle.

The cooks

Baking cakes, scones, corn bread in the charcoal oven.

A young girl helps to prepare food

Takes lots of chicken to feed to feed 200 people

Sister Bryant the head cook sharpening her knife

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Liberians LOVE GOD

Liberia is 70% Christian and 30% Muslim.  They love God and are not afraid to show it or say it and it shows on their homes, vehicles and places of business.
The school motto: Strive and Focus on Christ
This is done in the cement as you enter the front door!
Master's Touch General Merchandise

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More This and That

The manhole covers go missing quite often (they can be sold for scrap). When they disappear they create a road hazard. The locals create these "shrine's" to warn drivers of impending DANGER!
Last night a local taxi bus "burned out" on the side of the road. It will be interesting to see how long it stays there.