Monday, December 30, 2013

Bike or Not?

Taxi bikes have been banned from the 2 main roads.  Bike drivers have come up with a creative way to get back onto the main roads.  They have taken their bikes and added a small carrier/trailer type contraption to the back.  They can carry 2 to 4 people.  Since it cannot weave in and out of traffic the police have allowed them to stay on the main roads.  They are so funny and the small (very very small) tires that they have put on the back are an accident waiting to happen!

Chevron Compound Art

On Christmas Eve we had dinner at the Busby's inside the Chevron compound.  On all the walls inside the compound were these wonderful murals.  Inside the building on each floor landing were large pieces of art like the first  picture. 

Art is everywhere!!!

Jillana, this should give your students more examples of fun "African" art!

The Rock

After exploring Hotel Africa we wandered up the coast to see what we could find and we found "The Rock." A soon to be new restaurant/bar that is owned by 2 guys from California! It is on a beautiful beach with a large open air dining area and soon to be private cabana's for private parties.  They plan to open February 14, 2014. Before they can open they have to work on a road to get everyone to the place!

Next to "The Rock" is a small fishing village.  The fisherman were just heading out to do some night fishing.

Seaview Golf Course

Before you arrive at Hotel Africa you pass the Seaview Golf Course.  It looks a little rough for wear. The "green's" are actually "brown's" because they are fine brown sand that is "groomed" each day.  The man in the pro shop showed us how he takes a 4 foot board that has a rope attached to each end and  he drags it around the "brown's" starting at the pin in ever widening  circles until he reaches the edge where the fairway (kind of cut weeds) begins. There actually were people out playing golf!  

Hotel Africa

The day after Christmas we took the Berrett's  on a "mission tour" of the missionary apartments in our area so they could get to know where they are. There are no real addresses or street signs here. You find places by land marks and buildings painted a certain color etc.  We ended the tour near Brewerville and took a detour to see what is left of Hotel Africa.  It was the only 5 star hotel in Liberia before the war.  In it's day it must have been stunning.  The beach that it sits on is gorgeous!!!!!  Only a shell of the building remains and the jungle is taking it over. 

During the war they would distribute food for children at Hotel Africa.  Women would walk hours to get a little food for their children. Then make the long walk home only to repeat it again the next day.

Christmas Day

It seemed odd on Christmas Day  not to have someone wake us up to open gifts!!!!  Elder Hezseltine was not feeling well (he felt awful) and ended up staying in all day.  I met the other couples at the Mission Home for food, fun and more food.  To have two HUGE meals in 18 hours almost did me in!  I know I won't experience that again here so I decided to enjoy it anyway and feel guilty later - much later!
Front Row L to R: Elder and Sister Miles 2, Elder and Sister Miles 1     Back Row:  Elder and Sister Berrett, President and Sister Kirkham, Sister Hezseltine (Elder Hezseltine was home sick)   

It is almost ready!
Let's EAT!!!

Christmas Eve

Ryan and Shannon Busby invited all the missionary couples to their home for Christmas Eve.  Ryan works for Chevron here in Liberia and Shannon teaches music at the local International American School.  They live in a very nice compound and are here for the next 12-24 months.  They are both from California and met on their mission!

Also invited were Alex (a doctor from Ethiopia),  Yvonne (a doctor from Liberia but educated in America),  Shelia (South African) that teaches with Shannon and the Gabriel Nwainokpor family (Gabrielle is the branch president in Matadi where the Busby's attend church).

There was so much food that I am afraid that some never even got touched.  Ryan and Shannon had done 5 chickens, 2 pork loin roasts and beef brisket that Ryan had brought from America frozen in his carry-on bag!!!

We ate, played a game, got to know each other and sang Christmas carols! A beautiful evening - I ate too much but it was so goooooood!
This is the first table.  There was another full table!
Front Row L to R: Yvonne, Elder Berrett, Sister Hezseltine, Sister Berrett, young boy (?), Krubo Nwainokpor              Back Row: Elder Hezseltine, Elder and Sister Miles 2 (you can barely see Sister Miles), Shannon and Ryan Busby, Alex, Shelia, Sister and Elder Miles 1, Gabriel Nwainokpor

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Talent Show - New Talent

At the Zone Christmas Conferences there was a talent show. Elder Hezseltine played his bagpipes and I was the "music stand."  A new talent I didn't know I had!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

From left to right:

Top Row: Elder Osanebi, Brother Kellie, Elder Park, Elder Lamont, Elder Kaiser, Elder Elliott, Elder Myaka, Elder Gharbin, Elder Ayim, Elder Kamara, Elder Oni, Elder Maurana, Elder Agyemang, Elder Abbott, Elder Skouson, Elder Pentreath
Second Row (from top): Elder Poulson, Elder Dahlin, Elder Larsey, Elder Pishl, Elder Christensen, Elder Baldwin, Elder Sanders, Elder Bell, Elder Dlamini, Elder Osatohangbon, Elder Mohlahatsa, Elder Finau, Elder Cottrell, Elder Okunrobo
Third Row (from top): Elder Estigoy, Elder Orton, Elder Avornu, Elder Smith, Elder Seiya, Elder Nabende, Elder Haas, Elder Mekenye, Elder Burr, Elder Widdison, Elder Morrison, Elder Kouao

Seated: Sister Udenwa, Sister Muzambi, Sister Rametsi, Sister Kizza, Sister Miles, Sister Kirkham, President Kirkham, Elder Hezseltine, Sister Hezseltine, Sister Kiteto, Sister Kithangu, Sister Julye, Sister Onwuka

Bushrod Island Zone Christmas Conference


From left to right:
Top Row: Elder Inyang, Elder Godi, Elder Egbu, Elder Manqana, Elder Pearmain, Elder Backman, Elder Montgomery, Elder Erickson, Elder Humpherys
Second Row (from top): Elder Skouson, Brother Freeman, Elder Conners, Elder Witehira, Elder Cooper, Elder Bowring, Elder Ngobi, Elder Price, Elder Zaugg, Elder Nakale, Elder Enwukweri, Elder Zolo, Elder Jensen, Elder Pentreath
Third Row (from top): Elder Falemai, Elder Obeng-Poku, Elder Anderson, Elder Fairwell, Elder Bangura, Elder Marondera, Elder Ideh, Elder Bosomtwe, Elder Guymon, Elder Sekirime, Elder Khasiahi, Elder Gunnell, Elder Tolar
Seated: Sister Nyamekye, Sister Okeke, President Kirkham, Sister Kirkham, Sister Berrett, Elder Berrett, Sister Addo, Sister Iwenofu
Not in picture: Elder Osayi and Elder Jemba

Car Repair

This is a main street in town: UN Drive.  This is not an accident (yet).
The guy is repairing his car and it is not a flat tyre, it a major axle repair.

Practice Time

Elder Hezseltine played his pipes for the Zone Conferences.  He had to get in some practice time and so one night he practiced in the parking lot of our complex.  The guards and maintenance men had never seen nor heard bagpipes before!!!!!

Hood Ornament

We have seen this taxi driving around town and it just makes me laugh.  The hood ornament (a plastic horse) is glued down and hasn't been stolen yet - amazing! 

Clark, it reminded me of you!!!

New Friend

While Elder Hezseltine was playing volleyball I made a new friend with a great hair do!!


Elder Hezseltine couldn't resist in joining the game of volleyball with the Elders on "p-day."  I do think he is overdressed!!!!!!!

Drilling for Water

We needed water for new meeting house in Cotton Tree.  We started with a hand dug well but hit rock at about 15 feet. We drilled to 284 ft to get sufficient water.  You can only go about 60 ft with a hand dug well.

Dance Class

I have taken a couple of "African" dance classes at the Creative Arts Center.  I found that I can still move but if I get down it is a lot harder to get up!!!!!!

Elder Hezseltine and His Personal Christmas Decorations

We got a fun Christmas package from our kids.  Kristin had sent this tree for us and we took it to the office since that is where we spend most of our time.  It was so nice to give the office that "festive touch."  Elder Hezseltine was teased just a little for having is own "personal" tree.

Wash Day

You can always tell wash day.  There are few clothes lines. Most of the clothes are laid on the ground.  Some are draped over the bushes, barbed wire fences or nearby rocks. Others are put on the edge of the roof  or the barbed wire fences.

Corn Husks

There has been a lady selling grilled corn on the side of the road.  They husk the corn and left them just off to the side of the road.  They grill the corn on a charcoal grill.  One day someone decided it is time to burn the husks.  There just happened to be a truck parked near by plus a couple of houses. OOPS!

Corn husks were to the right of the truck.

Completely burned out.

Plus the houses.  Sticks remaining.

Generator Rebuild

Our compound was having problems with one of the 
generators: cracked piston.  They took it out for a rebuild.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gardens Popping Up

It is garden time. Along the road to Harbel there are several beautiful gardens popping up, carved out of the bush. Our Humanitarian couple has started a "garden project" in all the branches.  The members are taught how to garden and then given the seeds for the first season.  They are to grow enough produce to help feed their family and a little to sell so they will have money for seeds for the next growing season. Self-reliance!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

1. Day 2 - Saturday 30 November

We arrived at the 3rd Village (Kanklanta?) about 8:30pm last night after about 2 more hours on the dusty roads in the dark.  We out here in the bush and there's a party going on.  They have a generator, some BIG speakers and a DJ.  They feed us.  Every village has prepared food for us - country rice and soup.  The soups have been: chicken, fish (the whole fish), black deer.  People have given up their rooms for us to sleep.  We are tired and go to bed about 10:30pm.  The rooms are may be 20 yards away from the party.  The music goes till after 2am!  5 am I hear: "Elder Hezseltine, Elder Hezseltine, are you okay?  You want to go urinate?"  Joe and Christian came to escort me to the bush to go urinate, they thought I might be scared in the dark and to go into the bush.  "No, I'm fine, I'll go later, I'm sleeping!"

The music was much louder in real life.


It's just like camping.  We sat outside for breakfast: Ovaltine and sardine sandwiches.  It's been awhile since I've had either of those - childhood memories in England.

Two Kitchens