Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Finally Gave In

Tortilla chips are hard to find here.  These huge bags come into the shops and last about 3 weeks before they are "fini" - say it with a French accent.  It still means "they are gone."  Then it takes another 3-6 months for them to return.  I have passed them up time after time.  This time I went to the store STARVING and with Sister Kirkhmam - she buys them 3 bags at a time!  BIG mistake.  Elder H just shook his head.  I weighed myself before the bag of chips came into the house and will weigh once they are gone.  They were irresistible!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Banjor Beach

After our visit to Hotel Africa we drove up the coast on a very sandy road to Bajor Beach.  There is a small fishing village with very friendly people, a beautiful beach, a TALL cotton tree, lots of fish, fishing nets and boats.
The sail is made of rice bags sewn together.  They are so resourceful!
The boats are carved out of a log.  One piece, no seams or joints!
The nets look like cotton candy.
Broken boat!
Three fisherman mending their nets.
It took a lot of the fisherman to get the boat out of the water.  They used planks of wood, logs, chants, muscle and teamwork.
Elder Hezseltine directing the final placement of the boat.
Lots of palm trees grace the beaches with an occasional cotton tree.

Hotel Africa Revisited

We are drawn to Hotel Africa and keep wanting to go back.  It must have been so stunning in it's heyday.  On the beautiful beach you can look back on Monrovia and it seems so much more than just miles away.  It is peaceful and quiet.
Our friend Samuel Weah and his "date" Marya. Our guardians and tour guides.
The land-side view of the hotel.
The main stairway.
The pool was in the shape of Africa with 2 hot tubs attached and 1 "swim up" bar.
The 3rd floor.
From the 4th floor looking down on one of the "Villa's" (maybe).
Picture taken from the 4th floor looking "up" the coast towards Bajor Beach.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Dever's and Ekufu's

Front Row (L-R) The Berrett's, Miles 1, The Kirkham's. Back Row (L-R) The Hezseltine's, Miles 2, the Dever's and the Ekufu's.
In March we had Elder and Sister Dever from Washington state arrive.  They are replacing Elder and Sister Miles 1 our humanitarian couple.  The next week we had Elder and Sister Ekufu from Nigeria arrive.  The picture is the last group photo we had before Elder and Sister Miles 1 left us.

Liberian Basics

Sister Koenig (RS President in Harbel) taught me how to make and use a "collar"  to be "balanced."
Next, I learned how to tie a baby on my back. I used my purse because it weighs about the same!
My purse didn't cooperate very well.  Like some children!
Finally, I have my hair done, baby (purse) on back, and am "balanced."

Monday, April 7, 2014

Senior Couples Watching General Conference

After church today we gathered at our apartment to watch the Sunday morning session.

General Conference

The district presidency wanted to try watching general conference live, a first in Liberia.  They invited nearby members to come and watch the Saturday morning session, 4pm our time. Nearby members were invite so minimal cost would be incurred in case things did not work. There were some technical difficulties at first and we missed the first 30 minutes, after that it was great. About 100 members and investigators attended.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reaching New Heights

A little ingenuity and help from a friend and you can reach new heights.
Mango season.