Thursday, December 5, 2013

1. Day 2 - Saturday 30 November

We arrived at the 3rd Village (Kanklanta?) about 8:30pm last night after about 2 more hours on the dusty roads in the dark.  We out here in the bush and there's a party going on.  They have a generator, some BIG speakers and a DJ.  They feed us.  Every village has prepared food for us - country rice and soup.  The soups have been: chicken, fish (the whole fish), black deer.  People have given up their rooms for us to sleep.  We are tired and go to bed about 10:30pm.  The rooms are may be 20 yards away from the party.  The music goes till after 2am!  5 am I hear: "Elder Hezseltine, Elder Hezseltine, are you okay?  You want to go urinate?"  Joe and Christian came to escort me to the bush to go urinate, they thought I might be scared in the dark and to go into the bush.  "No, I'm fine, I'll go later, I'm sleeping!"

The music was much louder in real life.


It's just like camping.  We sat outside for breakfast: Ovaltine and sardine sandwiches.  It's been awhile since I've had either of those - childhood memories in England.

Two Kitchens

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