Wednesday, December 4, 2013

1. Day 1 - Traveling to Gbarpolu - Friday 29 November

Elder Hezseltine traveled with our humanitarian couple Elder and Sister Miles to Gbarpoplu County.  LDS Charities has installed latrines and wells in four villages.  This is the first time a charity organization has put wells and latrines in the interior.  These are the first latrines and wells for these villages, an historic moment for these people.  To get water they have been going to streams and rivers, for the bathroom, well ....

The journey to Gbarpolu was 2 hours of potholed cotar (asphalt) followed by 2 hours of dirt road, a key-noo (canoe) ride, and a bike ride.  Here are some pictures and video.

 Bomboo grove.

Driving the dusty roads to get the villages.

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