Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fishing Boats

There are fishing boats out every day.  We see them up by the port and further down the coast.  Seldom do we see them fish in front of the office.  It makes for a great diversion when they do!

The Royal Grand

Our friends the Terry's stayed at the Royal Grand Hotel.  It is nicest hotel in town and the only business that takes a credit card (this is a cash society).  When we dropped them off I noticed their Christmas tree.  It reminded me of the Barbie birthday cakes we all use to make.  This Christmas tree used African fabric on the bodice, to cover the ornaments and as the ribbon.  It was put up and used to tie into "Fashion Week" in Monrovia.  Very clever!!!

Where is the Gingerbread Man?

Our friends the Terry's from Accra, Ghana came this last week for a visit.  Elder Terry is the IT man for all of West Africa and Sister Terry is the literacy specialist.  It was so great to be with them, visit and feel of their love and friendship.  We picked them up at the airport and made a small detour before heading back to town at the Harbel Country Market for some fruit.  The Harbel Market on the Firestone Plantation is the best place for fruit, the local's are all so friendly.  Sister Terry was talking with the local kids while I got some fruit.  I remembered that my granddaughter Emma's kindergarten class was doing the "Gingerbread Man" geography activity.  All the local kids were willing to participate.  They love to have their picture taken and see themselves.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Elder Bednar Visits Liberia After Country Declared Ebola-Free

Elder Bednar's Visit

The Executive Pavilion

Our Guests

Sister and President Carlson, President and Sister Hallstrom, Elder and Sister Bednar, President and Sister Curtis

Can you find Jessica?

Security officer standing behind Prince Nyanforh, Elder and Sister Bednar

The kitchen help.  Oops, 7 kitchen help and 2 guests!

After lunch there was a Priesthood Training session for the men.  Here is the Sister Auxiliary Training group.

Jessica, Shannon and Ryan are the only  white, member, non-missionary people in the country (that we know of).