Monday, April 15, 2013

Our First Package - Thanks Bea!

We got our first package today! Just like our first snail mail it was
as exciting as Christmas morning!! We had to wait at the post office
for an hour while they did all the paper work so we could take it and 2
other packages. It is amazing how many times they have to log it in and
then we have to sign for it here and sign for it there. Everything is
done by hand. If the value is over $5.00 they add an additional 17%
tax. We can't quite figure that one out as we end up paying more than
17%. I have seen a lot of money exchange hands at the post office so not
sure if they are adding a bribe amount to the customs amount as we don't
do that.Yes, it had been opened.

The post office is always an adventure.  Today as we were waiting someone brought in a huge tub of dried fish.  They catch it and dry it whole (head, fins, tail and ALL) with some spices.  Once you pay for the postage the post office workers will pack it for you.  It was all going to AMERICA.

We have found out that once we have the Mission Office set up and
someone there to receive mail we can pay $50.00 a month and have our
mail delivered. That will be so nice and save so much time!!!

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