Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Libassa Ecolodge

The couples were able to arrange an overnight stay at Libassa Ecolodge (libassa.com - check it out!).  It was a great break in a very busy schedule.  Even though the resort is 30 minutes out of Monrovia (on the way to Marshall) it seems a world away.  We almost felt like we were on a deserted island, similar to Gillen's Island. Does that date me or what!!!

A buffet breakfast came with the accommodation. It was a mix of American and Continental.  A fishing canoe is the buffet table!  They had fresh pineapple juice which was DIVINE!! I could not stop drinking it.  You just can't make it that fresh at home.  They cut it off the plant and juice it.  No transport, sitting in freezers or waiting in the store for purchase.  WOW!!!

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