Saturday, May 31, 2014

Punchured Tyre

This morning we were moving some missionaries to a new apartment.  I went outside to leave and discovered we had a flat tyre :(

One of the maintenance guys at our compound took me to a nearby tyre repair shop.  Here's the shop.

Working on the punchure.  Notice his foot wear.  Notice the iron, bottom right used to remove tyre from rim, it's homemade.

Here he is remounting a tyre.  He took off his flip flops and started working the tyre over the rim with his bare feet and a hammer.  I think he had muscles on his toes.

Cost of the tyre repair: $175 LD ($1.85). Size of the shop, 10' by 10'.  He was working 3 flat tyres at the same time.  A craftsman, truly amazing. He had no pressure gauge.  After he inflated the tyre I took it home and checked it with my pressure gauge, it was good.  How much equipment did it take to repair your last flat tyre?

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