Sunday, July 6, 2014

Giant Tree

It is so much bigger than it looks!
Can you see me?
They "re-planted" the roots! I hope it works.
One day on our way to the office the road was closed.  A GIANT tree on the Presidential Palace grounds had been blown down in the night, crashed through the western wall and was totally blocking the road.  It took days for them to cut it back.  Driving by it the tree seemed HUGE but when I took a picture it just didn't show the size so I stood next to what was left to help give you perspective.  On Friday (4 July) we noticed that they had cut the tree back as far as they were going to and that they had re-set the trunk.  When the tree blew over the whole root ball was on it's side as well (I wish I had a picture of that).  It appears that they are hoping that the tree will "re-root" and grow.  It is the rainy season so it just might work.

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