Sunday, August 30, 2015

How Long Have We Been Here?

Well it's been 5 hectic days.  At times it seems like a month, only we are still getting over jetlag.  We arrived Tuesday evening as scheduled, just that one bag did not.  It went to Amsterdam on a side trip and arrived 2 days later.  Many people were not aware we were coming.  Some of the expressions on peoples face have been priceless.  They really did not expect to ever see us again when we left last July.

Will write more and add pictures once we get our feet under us a little more.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like you both have rolled up your sleeves. We leave Sierra Leone today and land in Monrovia before heading back to Ghana. Can't believe that we are only a country away, and we had a chance to catch each other in the Accra airport. The Lord is tender in His mercies. Elder Terry is trying to turn me into a TECH GEEK imaging PC's. The saints here are hungry for their mission president. My prayer is we see you in Liberia before we return home. If literacy is something I can assist in...that would bring us back for sure. God bless your days.