Sunday, February 23, 2014

We Have Fuel :) But Limited Water

The fuel tanker arrived at dock last weekend and the fuel was back on the street the first part of the week.  We spent about 3 hours in total in lines/queues for fuel and was able to get 15 gallons in total.  We had a few days at our apartment where the generators were off from 9am to 5pm to conserve fuel and ensure we had electricity through the night.  Electricity at night is nice for the light but especially the AC since it is summer here and nights without AC would make for one hot sleepless sweaty night.

Due to the dry rainy season the ground water is low this year and the wells are drying up.  A couple of mornings last week I (Elder Hezseltine) ended up in the shower with just a trickle of water to rinse the soap off.  Better make sure we have a bucket of water close at hand.

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