Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ground Peas

Sister Gaye lives near the Mission Office.  She does catering and sells at a local market.  The AP's told us that she did "ground peas" - peanuts.  So, we asked her to do us some.  She takes ground peas and washes them in salt water to rub off the shells.  She then puts them out to dry in the sun. If you look closely at the back parking lot, on the side of the small hill that is facing the sun you will see a canvas with ground peas drying.

Ground peas basking, drying in the sun.  Once they are dry she "parches" them in a big pan over a charcoal cooker.

Our ground peas are then delivered right to our desk.  They have a half raw, half cooked crunch with just a hint of salt - so good - and fattening!  We once had a batch delivered still warm!  Oh my, we ate so many we got sick!

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