Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mission Office

I noticed that our picture of the Mission Office from our 2013 blog post has disappeared.  The Mission Office is on the first floor (the second level).  Temporal Affairs (Humanitarian, Liberia Facility Manager, CES, PEF, Records etc.) are all on the ground floor (first level).

The building is currently having what appears to be a new floor added.  In reality it is a new room.  They will put "zinc" on the slanted rafters on top.  This eliminate the constant leaking from the flat cement roof.  It will also protect the A/C units that will then be moved to the roof and give us some water again.  By putting the 1,000 gallon water tanks back on the roof we get water in the office bathrooms by "gravity feed."  While they have been working on the roof they moved the water tanks to our level on a patio roof outside.  No gravity feed + pump and generator not big enough to pump water up = NO WATER.

I do not have a proper desk but sit at a table next to a window.  This is my view out the window - I do not want a desk!

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