Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Dinner

The Busby's had the couples over for dinner Christmas Day.  They said they would do the meat and that we were to do the sides.  Shannon likes to "play in the kitchen" so we had an abundance of good food, good company and good spirits!

Shannon's Dr. Seuss Zucchini Christmas tree appetizer

Ryan made cinnamon, orange and cinnamon pecan rolls!!!  They were served warm and devoured before they could cool!

Ryan is taking the picture and Elder Hezseltine was home recuperating - I did take him a plate - actually 2!
L-R Elder and Sister Wollenzien, Sister and Elder Allen, Sister Hezseltine, Sister Busby
We are standing in front of the Busby Christmas tree which is a canoe (pronouuced key new) cut in half!
Ryan bought it off a fisherman!

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