Monday, December 7, 2015


We went to Harbel - the Firestone Plantation.  I love that place!  I wonder if it is all the trees neatly lined up.  Order is so calming!!!  Now I just need to get my life in order as well!

The Firestone Plantation has cattle that they graze between the trees to keep the vegetation down .  I was told that "the trees are very selfish" with the ground and the nutrients she gives.

In the picture if you look close you can see what looks like a small white crane.  I asked a local what the name of the white bird was that is always around the cattle.  He gave me a very puzzled looked and said "white bird."  They are also called cow birds because they are where the cows are.

When ever we go there the local boys come sit on the porch and watch what we are doing.  They love to help when they can and they squeal when we give them empty boxes to "own" and play with. 

This little boy had to "hide" his truck while he helped because he didn't want anyone to take it.  It is made of an empty motor oil container.  The wheels were made of caps off of other bottle or container.  Very simple, very fun, very low tech and all his.  Recycling at it's best!

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