Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 2–Harper Maryland

Harper2Harper2 (2)
Path in dark blue, no roads indicated on map. 
Early morning ocean mist as we leave Greenville for Harper.  Just another 140 miles (7 hours) or so of dusty/dirt road.
Harper Hotel 2Harper Hotel
Accommodation at the Catholic Pastoral Center. And meeting place tomorrow (Sunday)
Our room.  Notice the AC above my head Smile Standing next to our bathroom.  A “jack and Jill” bothroom.  Luckily President Carlson was next door.  Not true for President Sayon who found a lady in his bathroom.  He took his matress and moved in with Pride.
Putting in the last of our 20 gallons of fuel.  No gas station in Harper.  Can only buy fuel by the gallon jug on the side of the road.
Miami Beach (really, that’s it’s name)

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