Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Neo-natal Training

Neo-natal training at the church to instruct nurses who will train their staff on resuscitating newborns.  One in 10 babies across the world require resuscitating to get life started - the of breath life.  This is true regardless of country or conditions - big life saver. Lung linings are stuck together and need help separating to let air in.  Nurses practice on resuscitation dolls (~$200 each) provided by the Church Humanitarian Fund.  Nurses take and keep the dolls to train staff at their hospitals and clinics.  The image you associate with the term 'clinic' will not match with clinic here, but the net result is the same: a life saved and started and happy parents.

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  1. I think this is so neat that the church has a program like this. This post grabbed my attention since I work with newborns everyday at work and am "trained" to do this. It is so important as parents and medical staff. Anyway, I just wasn't expecting to see this on your blog. I love reading your posts and seeing the adventures you are having. I guess I should stop complaining about increasing food prices in the US.. I am so proud of you and your sacrifice and service. Can't wait to read more. Happy Valentines Day! Love, MacKenzie