Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!! They celebrate Mother's Day here as well, even on
the same day. We went to church at the Harbel Branch today, as we
entered the little school room there were Young Women to greet
us. They wished me a happy Mother's Day and then they asked us if our
mothers were living or passed on. Since both our mothers have passed on
they pinned small pieces of white  fabric on our clothing. If your
mother was still living you got a red piece of fabric pinned on you.
Everyone wore a remembrance of their mother alive or gone. I found that
very touching and comforting.

This little Harbel Branch is so amazing to me. They are so small and
isolated that they are not in a "District" of which there are 2 in
Liberia. They fall under the care of the Sierra Leone Freetown
Mission. They have no missionaries in their area.  They work, live, love 
and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ on their own. They have quite a few
investigators that are interested in the church because of how they live and
conduct their lives. Because things are so simple and basic the spirit of God
just seems to live among them all the time. They don't have distractions and
noise to dull their ability to see, feel and hear the spirit. In Harbel
each prayer is a testimony and each song sung is a sermon that speaks
not only to the heart but the mind, spirit and body. It is as though
our minds are open to things we haven't understood before.

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