Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Sea is Changing

We walked on the beach on May 1. We had not been on the beach for a
week and we were shocked at how it had changed. As we came up over the
dune to the beach the noise of the surf was louder than it has ever
been. The ocean seemed to be one continuous wave breaking on the beach
for as far as the eye could see in either direction. It was as though
the sea was churning. The direction from which the waves were coming
must have changed as well. There was TONS of trash where there has
never been any, there were NO shells of any kind, the smell
of the sea was different and large portions of the beach were gone all
the way to the sea walls. We had no way to continue in some places  so we had
to walk off the beach, up the road, along one of the highways until we could get
back to the beach. It was shocking what a difference one week can make.

It has started to rain at night two to three times a week. Usually
accompanied with loud thunder that sounds like it is over your head and
lots of lightening. Elder Hezseltine has gotten to the point that he
sleeps through it - not me!

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