Saturday, May 4, 2013


On the way home from Kakata today we hit Redlight on a Saturday
afternoon! Redlight is an open market that on a bad day is a sea of
people. There are shops in stalls, shops in wheel barrels, shops hanging
from peoples arms, from people's heads, in short chaos. They have been
creeping out from the edges of the road so much that the large road and
wide shoulder have been reduced to 2 small lanes for cars, people and massive
trucks. But Saturday afternoon is the absolute worst time to try and get through. The
road was once paved but now is one pot hole after another, some the size of the
Grand Canyon. The pesky taxi's have to be careful as they never know if
they may fall into one of the holes and not come out (which we would
like to happen to ALL taxi's). There was a cloud burst today and so the
road was a mess of mud and small lakes. Sometimes it can take as long as
2 hours to get through it. You have to lock all your doors and not look
at anyone. We had a cooler in the back and we were going to tie it down
but decided in the end to put it in the car with us as things disappear
in Redlight - lots of things!

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