Saturday, May 4, 2013

Opening of Latrines

Today I went with Elder and Sister Miles, our humanitarian couple to 2
of their latrine hand-offs/dedications near the city of Kakata. They
started these latrines and well projects in December 2012 and are just
getting them finished. There is always a small program when they do the
"hand-off." The mayor, community leader or chief of the community
usually conducts. There is an opening prayer by a local pastor, then
there are small speeches by one of the leaders, a youth, a member of the
women's group and an elder (one of the oldest people in the community).
Then the contractor (that was hired by LDS Charities) after a few words
hands the keys for the facility to Elder Miles, after he says a few
words he hands the keys to the head of the community who also says a few
words. During each speech there are members of the audience shouting
"praise the Lord" and "thank God" and clapping and even some singing.
There is a benediction by a local pastor and then everyone heads over to
the latrines where Sister Miles unlocks the women's side and Elder Miles
unlocks the men's side. Everyone crowds in to get a look. There is so
much excitement it is just a lot of fun. Who would have thought that
opening a latrine would be such a social, community event!!

This latrine will service 400 people!!!! They have never had one. They
use "the bush" which sometimes is very close to their living quarters.
This will help to keep everyone healthy!

Elder Hezseltine was sick with a cold and opted to stay home and rest.
That lasted for about 15 minutes! As soon as I left the phone stared to
ring and it was ringing when I got home 7 hours later.

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