Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Beach Finds

The "rainy season" is trying to end and the "dry season" is on it's way - it is really getting WARM.  There is a law that Liberian's are to paint their homes/business' once a year  and they do it after the wet season. The large majority of their paints are like a "white wash" type that don't last in the rainy season. Hence, the law and the fact that most everything is being painted now. There is a nice bar/restaurant right on the beach near the UN building where we walk.  It is the best place to find sea glass.  Today we noticed their mural.  I don't remember ever seeing it before so not sure if it is new or just new to us but I LOVED IT!  It shows all aspects of African life in beautiful COLOR.
(Fiona remember this place)

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  1. I love the posts that come in my email that make me pause during my day and remember that Africa isn't that far away. The artwork is beautiful, and shows how many talented individuals surround us. We are truly blessed when we open our eyes to the art and beauty that come around the corners of our lives.