Monday, November 4, 2013

The Ducor Hotel

The main staircase in the lobby.
The pool view from the roof.
West Point from the roof of the hotel, the largest and most dangerous slum.
Read the population estimated around 70,000.
Look closely at the picture above and you will see this football pitch carved out of the slum.
Also, fishing boats and canoes. 
The Ducor Hotel was one of two 5 star hotels in Liberia before the war.  It is now a shell.  It sits atop the  highest hill in Monrovia and overlooks the city.  It was not destroyed by the rebels or the military but by the people of Liberia that looted it.  It is was leased/sold to Gaddafi. Since he died it is in limbo. They have 24/7 security that will show you around for 200 LD (100 LD for the tour guide and 100 LD for the other guard to watch your car).

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