Sunday, November 3, 2013

They Learn Early

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As I was waiting for everyone to meet at President Wesseh's house this little girl (maybe 3 or 4 years old) was in the middle of the road trying to get her "baby" on her back.  She was struggling just a little so another little girl (maybe 5) came and helped her and gave her a tip on how to tie the baby bear securely.  She finally got it and strutted off down the street, proud mama indeed.

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  1. I love these shots of the birth of motherhood. I find that girls just want to nurture. At one of the villages we were working at in Kenya, we were handing out dolls and there was this little girl about the same age as the one pictured her and she kept getting pushed to the back of the line. I went to bring her forward and she released my hand. She was wearing the same wrap like the one here, and when I tried to see what she had she would turn away. I knelt down and held out my hands she came and I looked at what she was carrying. It was a rock. You can imagine my joy and hers for me to replace that rock with a soft doll of her own. When you don't have a doll you can use a rock. I still have that rock today. It reminds me that we should all kneel at the feet of these little ones.