Sunday, March 17, 2013

Corina Court

We live in a 16 unit apartment building. Because of an on-site
generator we are blessed to have electricity 24/7 and A/C from 4 in the
afternoon to 8 in the morning. The "compound" has 10 foot high walls
that surround the entire property. On top of the 8 inch thick walls are
broken glass and bottles imbedded in another small layer cement, then
on top of that is 18" rolled barbed wire. There is a large gate that is
always closed. When we drive up we honk and the guard opens the gates
for us enter. Across the street to the north is a large beautiful
home. There is a shack where people sit outside a lot and sometimes
sleep outside on the west of us. To the south is a vacant lot and then
the JFK Hospital. West of us is another compound that we can't see much
of. Diversity surrounds us.

Pink is BIG in Liberia. It is everywhere and worn by EVERYONE!

Our screen door is as big and heavy as it looks.

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