Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The New Mission Office

The first picture is of the new mission office foyer as you walk in.
The upper level will be the Liberia Mission Office. The lower level
will be occupied by Temporal Affairs which includes Humanitarian Aid,
ERC (Employment Resource Center), PEF (Perpetual Education Fund), CES
(Church Education System), and Distribution. It is in a compound with 2
other homes. I think it may have been a home at one time but is now
rented as an office building. The owner of the compound lives in one of
the homes on the property. It is set on a point above the beach and has
a beautiful view. The picture of the ocean is actually taken from the
office I may be using!!!!! In the photo you can see the wall that
surrounds the compound. On the other side of the wall is what appears
to be bombed out or abandoned homes. Parts of the walls are still
standing but there are no roofs or windows or services of any kind, but
I think that there are some people trying to live there. As you enter
the main gate of the compound it is very "rough" looking and then you
come inside the gate and it is beautiful with palm trees and flowering
bushes. It is like that all over Liberia. A beautiful, well
maintained, gated home next to a slum-type home. Rebuilding takes time!

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