Sunday, March 3, 2013

Odd Observations

*People don't have running water or electricity but everyone has a cell
phone. They charge them at little electric stands on the street.
*Every window has bars on it. Even if the window is on the 5th floor.
*We walk on the beach most mornings and we rarely see a sea shell. When
we do it is bright white or translucent.
*It is amazing how there seems to be no traffic rules but there are no
*It is shocking how many people can squish into a taxi (all pay the same
*It is amazing how many people they can get on a small motor bike taxi
(the most I have seen is 5).
*If it does rain everyone thinks it is cold and they put on coats - it
is still 80 degree's!
*Here the pedestrian have NO right of way making it an adventure to
cross the street. You are a target!!!
*They just installed 2 street lights. Both have left turn arrows but no
left turn lanes - crazy!!!
*There are NO public rest rooms. If you find a restroom (at a church or
elsewhere) there is no tissue so you always carry your own and there
will be no running water to flush. Usually there will be a large barrel
full of water in the bathroom with a bucket so that you can "flush the
toilet". It is common to use the "bushroom."
*It is so humid here that my naturally straight hair (I mean it is an
effort to get any curl in my hair at home) is uncontrollably curly. So
no photos of me will end up on the blog!!!

1 comment:

  1. It sounds so much like Xian, China especially the part about crossing the street, no trafffic rules/accidents and no tissue in the restrooms. Good times! Come on Paul, we need a picture of the curly hair.