Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Place

I realized that I had not sent pictures of our new "home." So here you
are! The first thing we did on arriving was to put up our net. We sleep
under a net every night. It is a mission rule. This is to avoid
getting malaria from mosquitoes. At first it was like sleeping in a
fairy princess bed. It is a bit of a nuisance getting in and out but it
is all part of the adventure!

The bathroom is pretty basic and small (like our place) but it does the
job. The hot water heater is on the wall in the bathroom and is the
only hot water in the apartment.

The kitchen is the size of a closet, actually I think it may have been a
closet originally. What you see is it. The fridge actually sits in the
living room. I am so glad to have one I don't care where it is!

The living room has what we need. Someplace to sit and the fridge.

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