Sunday, March 10, 2013


For the last 3 Sundays we have been going to church services on Sunday
at Kakata. It is a very small congregation an hour and a half drive
away on a very, very bumpy (sometimes non exsistent) road. For the last
12 years they have been meeting in an old school room with no power, no
fans, no bathrooms-only bushrooms. Each Sunday morning the whole
congregation would help carry tables and chairs from a storage shed in
the area to the classroom. They would time it so that they would have
30 minutes to sing hymns before services would start. They sing a
cappella and even though the numbers are few they sound like many!

As of last week they now have a rented space right in the middle of
town. It is complete with 4 rooms, fans and lights powered by a
generator, a baptismal font on the roof and a bathroom! Next week they
will get 2 sets of missionaries - the first ever!!! They are in
heaven!!!!! This whole congregation has grown through the efforts of members
doing their best to live Christ-like lives.

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